A Nikon girl from the start, Monica Watt first discovered her creative spirit in her early teens during a photography course at the Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. A purist for decades, she loved shooting black and white and preferred developing her own film and prints. As digital cameras started to improve in quality, she finally converted and never looked back. Her early work included shooting weddings for family and friends, staying up all night to create an album to be placed on the front doorstep of the bride and groom as their wedding gift to surprise them before they left on the honeymoon.

Portraiture work of people, pets and buildings soon followed. Because she preferred to capture her subjects more naturally, she used a 300mm Nikon telephoto zoom lens from afar to let the scene develop naturally. A love of architecture and international travel helped round out her personal style over the years. The photos on this site are just a sampling, ranging from flower shows at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to a destination wedding in Vienna, Austria. Although she is not a professional photographer for hire any longer, her strong composition and ability to capture the natural beauty of a situation speak to her ability to create a compelling story for you, around your brand image.